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2005 spielte sie die Zoey Lang an der Seite von Aaron Carter in Supercross.2006 folgten der Horror-Thriller Stay Alive und die erfolgreiche Teeniekomödie Rache ist sexy.Sophia Bush ist das einzige Kind des Fotografen Charles William Bush und seiner Frau Maureen.

is a practicing ophthalmologist and her mother Deborah Graul works as an interior designer. Her first name is Elta, but she goes by her middle name, Danneel, professionally.Behold, my list of the hottest love scenes of 2011. 2011 was a bit more tame overall, compared to 2010's super-sexy love scenes in movies like 'Black Swan,' 'Love and Other Drugs' and 'Blue Valentine.' There are some standouts, including Leighton Meester and Danneel Harris' smoking hot makeout session in the horror-thriller 'The Roommate' and pretty much every scene with Michael Fassbender in Steve Mc Queen's erotic drama 'Shame.' My personal favorite: 'Friends With Benefits.' I thought Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake had great onscreen chemistry, and this came through loud and clear (so to speak) in the movie's hot love scenes! Hollywood can't get it right every single time, sadly."Game of Thrones" goes to show that without the constant distractions that we have today like TV, internet and electricity, there are very few forms of entertainment left. Think I'm so far off (third) base by listing the hilariously hot love scene(s) from 'Bridesmaids? Everyone gets a say, especially when we're talking about sex and love and all that other good stuff.In June 2009 Harris was confirmed to reprise the role of Rachel in the series seventh season over the course of seven episodes.Elta Danneel Graul was born in Lafayette, Louisiana on March 18, 1979.

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2007 zeigte sie sich in dem Horror-Thriller The Hitcher, ein Remake von Hitcher, der Highway Killer (1986).

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  1. Medical specialists tried everything, but by the fall of 1996, the seizures were occurring daily, sometimes hourly. He wondered if she would even make it to her 30th birthday.