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Dating a man with two baby mothers

They had history, and that was just the way it was. This is in no way to imply that any woman that has done this wasn’t provoked in some way. After hearing so many of these stories, I considered myself blessed to have never been in one.At the time, I was young and engaged to someone that didn’t have kids so it really wasn’t an issue; I just pushed it out of my mind. One of the first questions I ask when dating with a man with children is: If the comment is something derogatory against her in anyway, I immediately move on.“Good communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship,” states Health “As long as you are communicating, you can work through whatever problem you’re facing.” Healthy, open communication requires you to be direct with your mate when something is bothering you, and to listen to him when he is expressing himself to you.If the two of you have a conflict influenced by the child’s mother, it is important for you to use healthy conflict resolution skills such as avoiding the tendency to place blame on your mate, or taking a break from handling any disputes if you are too angry.I'm trying to overcome the bond that they have that I don't have with him. I have never dated a guy with a kid before, I haven't ever wanted to take on the challenge before, except this guy is mere perfect.

By Priscilla Morales, mom to two awesome kids, stepmom to a rockstar stepdaughter. Toys in the bathtub and — on occasion — in the toilet. For the single woman, single should not be eliminated from the dating pool.

Good communication and healthy ways to resolve conflicts can strengthen the bond and deepen the love between you.

It is important to support your partner and his child if they are experiencing the effects of drama between your mate and his child’s mother.

They are more willing to cut through the nonsense and commit to someone they feel is genuine, trustworthy, and a rockstar. Spending time with my future stepdaughter taught me that I can be patient and flexible, two traits I never thought I had!

Meaning YOU, is not going to introduce any ol' person into his child's life. It also made me realize that I wanted to have children of my own one day, and I knew upfront that my partner would be a great dad. By Sujeiry Gonzalez, love guru for 93.9 FM and relationship author. Imagine how difficult it is to be a stepmother — you have to look after his kids, cooperate with their mom and share your man.

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After you reach a certain age, the odds of finding a man without kids is almost impossible. In our “anything goes” society, it is nothing to rack up multiple children with multiple partners. I remember in my early twenties saying “I’d never date a man with kids.” In my late twenties “As long as he just has one child, that’ll be okay.” In my thirties “If I can find a man with just one baby mama, that’ll be cool.” Several years ago, I had a coworker tell me and I remember it as if it were yesterday: “Never date a guy with kids because they are always still sleeping with the mother.” She was sleeping with the father of her kids, and neither of them considered it cheating because it didn’t mean anything to them. Now, I’d like to pause for a moment to say, I’m only giving the one side, because this article is dealing with what it is like to date the man, the “baby daddy” so to speak.