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Newspaper ads dating bukharian

Haredi Judaism coalesced in response to the sweeping changes brought upon the Jews in the modern era: emancipation, enlightenment, the Haskalah movement derived from enlightenment, acculturation, secularization, religious reform in all its forms from mild to extreme, the rise of the Jewish national movements, etc.In contrast to Modern Orthodox Judaism, which hastened to embrace modernity, the approach of the Haredim was to maintain a steadfast adherence both to Jewish Law and custom by segregating themselves from modern society.

; also spelled Charedi, plural Charedim) is a broad spectrum of groups within Orthodox Judaism, all characterized by a rejection of modern secular culture.more The present article describes the vowel chain shift that occurred in the variety of Tajik spoken by Jewish residents in Bukhara.It identifies the chain shift as constituting of an intermediate stage of the Northern Tajik chain shift and accordingly tentatively concludes that in the Northern Tajik chain shift Early New Persian ā shifted before ō did, shedding light on the process whereby the present-day Tajik vowel system was established. The first provides an explanation of the variety of Tajik spoken by Jewish inhabitants of Bukhara."My children should know the burial places of their ancestors, the city where their parents and grandparents were born," he commented."I just flew here from Krivoy Rog, where we have just opened a new Ohr Avner Chabad Day School in Ukraine.

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The second section explains the relationship between this particular variety and other varieties that have been used by Jews in Central Asia.