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We decided that we would continue to get to know each other. He keep saying that his schedule was so busy he didn’t have time for a lot of things. Then, he started pulling away from me and acting funny. He went off and told me he always told me he could only be my friend, I need to find what I am looking for, I need to find someone who can satisfy me, he told me he did not have lot of time to be with anyone, he was only with me to be friend and that’s it (I need to leave him alone). I may have been a fool because of what I put up with from Nov-Sept(no date or nothing else).

I waited the 90 days as Steve Harvey said and then took it to the next level. He would say wait until the after graduation, or the summer; well both of those past still no date or nothing. I got tired and cut off the sex because it looked like a friend with benefit package and I didn’t want that again.…While I totally get Ach Empire's point about using the rule as a way of avoiding being hurt emotionally I still find it a bit controlling.

I am seeing more and more that dating is all about risks.

These are all important things to know when you’re trying to get a handle on a new relationship. In order to get all your questions answered and to save yourself heartache down the road, adopt the 90 day dating rules.

What skeltons do you need to discover and what kind of baggage do they have? Too many people mistake physical attraction and an instant emotional connection with love when actually it’s infatuation.

I just say go with what feels right and hope that you don't get hurt.

“You can get this figured out in 90 days if you give yourself a chance, but once you commit yourself physically to a guy, you become emotionally involved, and you try to force it to make it work because ‘I slept with the guy.’ And you end up dragging yourself through the mud with a relationship that you really need to get rid of.” Women: Do you think it’s reasonable to ask a man you’re dating to wait 90 days before having sex?

Another benefit of men applying the 90 Day Rule to their dating lives is the prevention of unwanted, or unexpected pregnancies that may come with a lifetime of unnecessary drama.

Now let’s not get things twisted, children are a blessing, but without taking the time to get to know someone before having sex with them, then realizing you made a mistake in sleeping with them and ‘slipping up’ may make you resentful towards the child who didn’t ask to be conceived, and deserves two nurturing parents who are on the same path and page.

If you'd read the new book from Steve Harvey "Act like a lady, think like a man". Steve says to really understand a man’s intentions; women should make the men they are dating wait 90 days before they have sex.

“The biggest mistake that women make is they find out the information too late.

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In my opinion, your first mistake was listening to Steve Harvey. Someone who will respect you enough to make you his wife before taking it to the next level.